Saturday, September 26, 2015

Update on Branson: Sound and Sane

Just a quick update to say that Branson has completed his second offsite show since his rehabilitation and I can honestly say his performance has blown me away! We competed at first level, lacking the real topline to push farther this year. Anyone who is familiar with Branson will remember that he's impossibly picky when it comes to grain, so I've only just now found a grain that he will scarf down without losing interest in... hence the frustrating lack of muscle.

Anyway, he was incredibly steady and well behaved at Woodbine last week, and I can't have been happier with his performance. I'm so lucky to have this beautiful boy in my life.

He also showed (with great success) in a couple of intro classes with his new half-leaser, Erika, who is the perfect match for him (patient, kind, balanced and gentle - who could ask for more in a leaser?!) I couldn't be happier for the two of them!

Also, as a quick aside, Since last posting about Branson I have found his brand on his left gaskin and it turns out he is a Holsteiner, not a Hanoverian (which is what I was told he was, when he was given to me.) I'm still trying to make out his brand so that I can find out where in Germany he comes from.

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