Monday, July 27, 2015

Spotlight on Willow: Emily's First Adventure in Breeding

You may know I'm a huge fan of baroque breeds, as well as Arabians. That is why in June when a friend of a friend offered to sell me one of her gorgeous Arabian broodmares with a breeding to her junior Andalusian stallion, I had to say yes!

Willow, aka Starstruck Motivation, is a 2008 mare by Pioneer Eclipse, making her a half sister to Caspian (who is thoroughly enjoying his new owner and his life as a show horse!) She is smart, attentive and very sensible. I brought her home several weeks before breeding and started her under saddle, which was so much easier than I'd anticipated. If there is any complaint I have about this intelligent little lady it's that she's too affectionate. She's always looking for a scratch or a rub, and she can be right up in your face to ask for them. We're pretty solid on our ground manners, but sometimes she's just a little too desperate for attention!

In early July, Willow was bred to the beautiful boy pictured at right, Matador BPF. This is his first year breeding, but he is a stately and intelligent boy, with lots of forward push. Despite being a bit more of the compact bullfighter-style Andalusian, his movement is sporty and big.

While I did confirm her pregnancy with an ultrasound I haven't had Willow's fall check, yet, but the hope is that her pregnancy is progressing and she will foal in the first week of July 2016.

In the meantime, she's continuing to learn under saddle for a few more months before she gets to be left to her own devices as a fat broodmare in the field. :)

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