Saturday, September 27, 2014

Branson Fundraiser Update

We have raised 1/3 of our goal amount for Branson's surgery! 
I'd like to take some space to give a BIG BOLD THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed!

Branson got a bath yesterday, and spent the morning soaking up the sun while he ate his alfalfa pellets, grain and supplements. He has finally started to gain noticeable weight, and his energy is increasing as well! I think the big difference has been that he is enthusiastic about working on the lunge line. 

Last week, I took him on his first trail ride - ever! The poor boy had never hacked out before, so it was a new experience for him, and apart from an occasional snort and some deep breathing he had no spooks! He's such a willing partner, despite his poor condition, and it's such a joy to work with him... 

Don't forget, you can order our fundraiser T-shirts online, or we will have them available at the October 18th Meadowlark Halloween Fun Show! 

Check back tomorrow for our next installment in our fundraising quest!

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