Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cool Evenings and Hot Horses: Branson, week three

Last night was a beautiful, cool evening here in SE Michigan. The sky was a variety of brilliant colors and the horses were feeling frisky in the fall air.

I brought Branson in briefly after I finished teaching to check his progress, as he'd had a chiropractic adjustment the previous afternoon, and right off the bat he was a sassy goofball. I'm realizing that it's probably a good idea to do some serious training refreshers with this guy before he gains much muscle. He can be a real handful (despite how chill he generally appears in his videos) so I've switched him to a rope halter and started some horsemanship groundwork with him.

This first video is our lunging from last night. You can see (especially if you view it fullscreen) he is still stronger to the left than to the right, but at the end of the video when I started to take large steps he began to engage his hind end more strongly.

This is a free lunging video from a few days ago, when Branson was especially spunky. You can see at times he appears to have full range of motion through his hind and front ends. I really believe once he gains muscle he'll be increasingly sound.

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