Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spotlight on Veery: A Plucky Addition to the EMJ Equine Family

Meet Veery! She joined the string back in November of 2014 as a very-green-broke ex-broodmare. She'd been used a few years for breeding by a gypsy vanner farm on the west side of the state (producing some gorgeous solid babies), and before that she'd gone through an auction so no one really knows where she comes from or what she is. There are speculations that she's a Desert Norman (arabXperch) or a Friesian cross, or even just a straight Welsh Cob, but I'm never opposed to a nicely moving grade horse! Whatever she is, she's a gorgeous mover and she has the sweetest personality of any mare I've ever met. 

When she first arrived she was pretty stiff and had a very sensitive back. The chiropractor suggested it might've been because of hauling babies around for a few years, without a lot of supportive topline muscle. 

Now, after a year of training, barefoot trimming by our equine podiatrist and 4-5 chiropractic visits, she is sound and working hard in lessons! She does move a bit like a cart horse, with very expressive legs, but she also has enough power behind to come through into a very nice frame. We are still working to balance in the canter, but I would expect this little lady to go far!

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